Friday, October 28, 2011

HPI continuation

The time had come to take action. Unfortunately, I had reached the point where either I took drastic measures or I would give up the struggle for health and accept my lot in life of degenerating knees and back and just be an XXL firefighter. Then my chiropractor mentioned MediFast.

My wife joined me as I (we) ate 1,000 cal / day of prepackaged processed "food"  and low-fat, low carb dinners for three months. Don't get me wrong, it was a struggle. But it was easier and less complex than many plans I've heard of. The results were actually pretty good - fantastic even. I lost 50lbs in that time and went from a 40 waist to a 34 waist. Now, at 210lbs and out of money to spend on the food,  I needed a new direction.

For nearly a year I scoured the internet blogs for what would work. My weight "bounced" a bit in that time, but I've maintained 220lbs and buried my 34 jeans for when slimmer days return. I stumbled upon paleo / primal through crossfit and much of what was contained in those blogs and books spoke to me. Point of clarification: Crossfit (HQ) taught me the Zone diet during my Level 1 cert and I found it to be BS even before trying it. The crossfit (community) seems to like to do periodic paleo challenges and that seemed to make more sense.

I devoured the writings of J. StantonMark Sisson, Richard Nikoley, Robb Wolf, Andrew Badenoch, Diane Sanfilipino, Chris Kresser, Rachel Jennings, Ned Kock, and others (click on name for website). But truth be told, it wasn't until I found Dr. William Davis and read his book Wheat Belly that I felt I had truly acquired "actionable intelligence".

I now use Dr.Jack Kruse's Leptin Rx as my guide. I suggest that you follow it to and fix what you broke because you can't replace it.

So, to be clear, I have NO credentials or other formal training in nutrition. I do know what does not work and am working really hard to clarify and follow what does. Day by day I feel better and stronger. I no longer feel out of control over food. And I'm looking better too (at least I think so)

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